Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil

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Expert Advice

We have helped countless people over the years with their specific application as we cannot possibly cover everything on this website. That is why we want to be able to talk with you. Give us a call or send us an e-mail with your detailed questions. If we are not in, please leave a message with your number and the best time to call you back and your call will be promptly returned.

We are specialists in every facet of lubrication, filtration as well as chassis, powertrain and engine applications ranging from heavy duty diesel, two-stroke, gasoline engine, marine and natural gas including all other vehicle related questions. We will gladly assist you in any way possible. We will put our knowledge to work for you.

In addition, we spend countless hours out in the field dealing with real-world vehicle and equipment situations for both commercial, consumer, fleet and racing applications and we know what works and what doesn't work for a specific application so you don't cover ground that's already been covered.

Our goal is to recommend the exact products and systems that will provide the maximum performance and durability for your vehicle as well as save you time and money. For instant information on available products I have included online brochures which can be accessed
right here for your specific needs.


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A product specific information packet will be mailed to you within two business days with complete product details for your vehicle or situation.