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Eight reasons you need AMSOIL for whatever you drive.

  1. AMSOIL offers superior wear protection so that engines last longer.

  2. AMSOIL improves fuel economy so that vehicles get better mileage out of every tank of gas.

  3. AMSOIL has been proven to provide more horsepower.

  4. By reducing friction AMSOIL helps engines run cooler.

  5. By reducing deposits engines run cleaner and perform more efficiently with AMSOIL.

  6. Due to lower volatility AMSOIL reduces oil consumption.

  7. Due to its low pour point and cold weather pumpability, AMSOIL makes winter starts much easier.

  8. Because AMSOIL resists oxidation and breakdown, it reduces varnish and sludge which keeps valves and rings from sticking.

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Amsoil Signature Series 0W-30 Motor Oil

Amsoil 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Series 3000 Diesel Oil

15W-40 Diesel and Marine Oil

Amsoil 5W-40 European Car Oil

75W-140 Severe Gear Oil

Amsoil 5W-40 Diesel Oil

Amsoil Brake Fluid

Amsoil Automatic Transmission Fluid

Amsoil 10W-30/SAE 30 Diesel Oil

Amsoil Provides Ultimate Protection For High Performance Vehicles


The last 20 years have brought many changes and advancements in the automotive world. Much smaller engines are producing speeds 50 percent faster. Modern engines burn leaner, run hotter, have a higher compressions and use smaller radiators and oil sumps. The demand for more power and performance out of significantly smaller engines has created a need for an oil that will perform as well as today's cars. Oil drain intervals have increased as much as 300 percent in engines with better fuel economy and fewer emissions than ever before. Amsoil has been on the forefront of lubrication technology for over 30 years, developing and producing products that have changed the industry. As The First in Synthetics®, Amsoil is continually striving to make the best high performance lubricants available.

Amsoil Synthetic motor oils are the right choice for contemporary performance vehicles. Take a look at the facts:

FACT: Amsoil synthetic motor oils are pure and molecularly uniform. Every single molecule in Amsoil synthetic motor oils is dedicated to engine lubrication and protection. Conventional motor oils contain non-essential molecules that do virtually nothing to protect the engine, and contain elements that actually harm it.

FACT: Amsoil synthetic motor oils are formulated to exceed the most demanding world-wide performance specifications, and are recommended for all domestic and imported passenger car and truck engines.

FACT: Amsoil synthetic motor oils reduce friction more effectively than conventional petroleum motor oils do. Less friction means less engine wear, better fuel economy and improved power and performance.

FACT: Amsoil synthetic motor oils inhibit the formation of sludge, varnish, acids and other harmful deposits. Engines stay cleaner, perform better and last longer.

FACT: Amsoil synthetic motor oils do not burn off like conventional petroleum motor oils do. Amsoil synthetic motor oils retain their viscosity, providing reduced oil consumption, improved fuel economy and better wear protection.

FACT: Amsoil synthetic motor oils remain fluid in the cold temperatures that gel conventional petroleum oils. With Amsoil synthetic motor oils, engines start easier and are assured immediate start-up protection.

Amsoil Products for all Applications

Performance and Competition: Performance vehicles need performance oil. Amsoil Synthetic Racing Oil reduces heat and wear while providing quicker engine response and increased horsepower.

4-Wheel Drives: Amsoil gear lubes and motor oils provide the hard pounding protection needed by 4X4s. Even under the most extreme conditions and temperatures. Amsoil lubricants perform and protect.

Motorhomes & RVs: Motorhomes and RVs operate in the widest ranges of environments and temperature extremes. Amsoil motor oils provide dependable starts, maximum power and increased fuel economy.

Outboards & Marine: Amsoil hp injector Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil reduces wear. Improves throttle response and delivers maximum engine response and power. Amsoil Marine Gear Lube provides outstanding protection to outboard and stern-drive lower units in fresh and salt waters.

Family & Personal: Amsoil synthetic lubricants and filtration products provide unsurpassed, long-lasting service and protection for cars, trucks and other family fleet equipment

Custom & Show: Vehicles stored for long periods of time need rust and corrosion protection. Amsoil motor oils and fuel stabilizer protect against harmful conditions to preserve irreplaceable engines.

Motorcycles & ATVs: Amsoil Motorcycle Oils reduce friction and wear, improving throttle response and delivering maximum power. This tough, no shear formulation of Amsoil Motorcycle Oils provides unsurpassed protection in extreme conditions.

Snowmobiles: Amsoil Interceptor Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is engineered specifically for powersports applications and those engines equipped with exhaust power valves. It provides exceptional cleanliness a d excels at controlling exhaust valve sticking and provides outstanding overall lubrication properties.

Lawnmowers and Small Engines: Amsoil lubricants offer the best protection for lawn, garden, garage and machine-shop tools. With Amsoil motor oils, small engines start better and last longer.

Farming and Agriculture: Amsoil products reduce maintenance and fuel costs. Amsoil ensures tractors, trucks and all types of farming equipment will run better and last longer.

Manufacturing: Amsoil lubricants reduce downtime conserve energy and reduce maintenance costs. Amsoil lubricants last longer and provide unsurpassed wear protection.

Diesel Trucks and Delivery Fleets: Amsoil diesel oils reduce maintenance costs, improve fuel efficiency and decrease downtime. Statistics have shown Amsoil diesel oils increase fuel economy by an average of 8.2 percent.

Construction: Amsoil products keep tractors, dozers and heavy equipment in optimal operating condition at all temperature extremes. Amsoil lubricants dramatically reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Logging Industry: Amsoil motor oils protect engines and components in the most abusive operating conditions. Amsoil lubricants decrease operating expenses by reducing engine wear and downtime.

Amsoil Filtration Products


Amsoil provides the highest-quality filtration products available on the market today. Amsoil Ea Filters feature synthetic nanofiber technology, providing the ultimate in efficiency, capacity and reduced restriction (increased air-flow). Amsoil Ea Air and Oil Filters offer extended service intervals as well, providing superior protection longer. Amsoil also offers high quality filtration products from Donaldson and WIX. WIX oil, air, fuel, transmission and racing filters are known around the world for their performance and reliability. Donaldson Endurance and Donaldson P-Series filters provide superior filtration for heavy-duty applications. When it comes to filtration, Amsoil provides the best choice for virtually every application.

Amsoil The First in Synthetics Company Logo

As a jet fighter squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio had ample opportunity to witness synthetic lubricants in action. These oils are used exclusively in jet engines because of three extraordinary performance characteristics:

  • An ability to reduce friction and wear on engine components

  • An ability to dependably at severe temperature extremes

  • An ability to withstand rigorous and lengthy engine operation without chemical breakdown.

Recognizing that these same benefits would prove invaluable in combustion engines, Amatuzio began conducting serious research in 1963. By 1966 he had formulated a synthetic motor oil and put it to use in vehicles in northern Minnesota. Throughout the late 1960's Amatuzio continued his research and development and sold commercially available synthetic oils under a variety of names. In 1970 he incorporated his own name into a commercially sold product called Ammoil. In 1971 this product name was changed to Amzoil and it continued to be sold commercially. The true milestone came in 1972 when Amzoil became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute criteria. The New lubricant performed like no other before it. When the first can of Amzoil 10W-40 appeared on the market in 1972, it signaled the birth of an entire industry. Shortly thereafter, Amzoil became Amsoil and the company's products went on to expand the boundaries of lubrication science and redefine the performance possibilities of modern machinery and engines. Today, virtually every other motor oil manufacturer has recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and has followed the Amsoil lead with introductions of synthetic motor oils of their own. They spend millions of dollars advertising their "new" and "revolutionary" products. No one, however, can match Amsoil experience and technological know-how, and no one delivers products like Amsoil. Accept no substitutes- Amsoil is "The First in Synthetics®."

Buying/Purchasing Amsoil Products

You may purchase/buy Amsoil Products any of the following ways:

  • By phone through me (Certified Amsoil Dealer): My Amsoil Toll Free number is: 800-925-3059 or call my cell at (702) 376-1298. I will tell you the benefits of ordering directly through me during your call.
  • By phone directly through Amsoil by calling their toll free number: 800-956-5695 and give operator customer referral number (Very Important!!!): 1254295. Their hours of operation are M-F 9AM to 5PM CST. If you do not give the above customer referral number (1254295) I can no longer help you with future purchases and information.
  • Over the internet through Amsoil's Secure Online Store.
  • Becoming an Amsoil Dealer or Preferred Customer. Just click on the previous link of your choice and fill out the form to get the application process started. The benefit of both is that you will be able to purchase Amsoil Products at wholesale prices (15%-25% savings).
  • If you own a company and would like to purchase Amsoil Products at Commercial Account Pricing please fill out the following application.

Important Note: All Amsoil Products are drop-shipped directly to your door. The are shipped from your nearest warehouse and usually take between 2 to 3 business days. You may pick-up your products from the warehouse if you live in the following cities: List of Amsoil Warehouses. You must still make your order using the above referral methods before visiting the warehouse. The warehouse does not take orders directly. Their phone number is listed for product availability only! Not for information or purchasing.

Amsoil Product Information and Resources

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